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Is Your Fume Hood Safe

Fume Hood Alarms and Fume Hood Monitors.

Preferred by all major laboratory hood manufacturers, including:

Fisher Hamilton, Kewaunee, Labconco, Air Master Systems, Jamestown, and Mott

Compatible with any fume hood.

We support Good Fume Hood Safety Practices.

We offer fume hood monitor and alarm retrofit kits, compatible with all fume hoods.

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We deliver the best available product

The TEL brand of fume hood monitor alarms is the preferred choice of most major fume hood manufacturers.

Purchasing is Easy

We provide prices on line. We take credit card orders, either through our secure 128-bit encrypted on-line store, or via the telephone. We accept purchase orders gladly.

Safety AND Compliance

A fume hood is the most heavily used safety device in the laboratory. It makes sense to ensure the system offers the protection you expect.

It is never too late to inspect your fume hood, upgrade to an automatic fume hood monitor or fume hood alarm, calibrate the system, and verify that it is in full safety compliance. Compliance reduces risk, avoids any additional liability and definitely contributes to your peace of mind

About SafeFumeHood

SafeFumeHood, owned and operated by FarHawk Marketing Services of Evans Mills, New York and Gananoque, Ontario, has partnered with Holland Safety Equipment, exclusive North American distributor of TEL products, to deliver at excellent value retrofit kits of the TEL brand of fume hood monitors and fume hood alarms. TEL monitors are preferred by major fume hood manufacturers.

Our goal is to provide a secure, convenient, cost effective way for you to retrofit your fume hood to foster better laboratory safety.

About TEL Monitors

The company was established some 35 years ago as a manufacturing company producing electronic temperature controls for OEM companies and systems. In 1988 the company first ventured into the manufacture of fume hood monitors and controls for biological safety cabinets and fume cupboards.

By working closely with laboratory companies and fume hood manufacturers TEL has developed fume hood alarm and control systems specifically designed to meet the requirements for end users and the manufacturers. TEL is now a leading worldwide supplier, with more than 75,000 fume hood monitors and fume hood alarms operating in laboratories on a worldwide basis.