Fume Hood Alarms &
Fume Hood Monitors


A fume hood is the most heavily used safety device in the laboratory. It makes sense to ensure it offers the protection you expect with one of our fume hood monitors retrofit kits.

It is never too late to upgrade fume hood monitors or fume hood alarms and verify that they are in full safety compliance. This site provides information and pricing on retrofit kits that apply to virtually any fume hood, whether they are standard, walk-in, or biological safety cabinets. We even provide explosion proof fume hood monitors.

The TEL brand of fume hood monitors and alarms are our brand of choice. Popular products include the TEL AFA 1000 fume hood monitor and the TEL AFA 500 fume hood alarm. They are compatible with any fume hood and preferred by all major laboratory hood manufacturers, including:

  • Fisher Hamilton
  • Kewaunee
  • Labconco
  • Air Master Systems
  • Jamestown
  • Mott

What is the TEL Advantage?

The fume hood manufacturers’ choice
Chances are the fume hood alarm you received with your fume hood is one of the fume hood monitors offered by TEL Electronics.

Installation is easier
TEL fume hood monitors are designed to fit on even the narrowest fume hood post. The Mark 3 model, for example, mounts in a standard electrical receptacle, and is available for both the AFA 500 fume hood alarm and AFA 1000 fume hood monitor.

Calibration is easier
There is no need for special tools to calibrate the monitor as is the case with other fume hood monitors in the industry. The calibration procedure with a TEL monitor is secure, easy to perform, and the AFA 1000 digital monitor is password protected.

Performance is better
TEL fume hood alarms use larger diameter, non-kink tubing, which prevents false alarms and works well with low flow fume hoods.

Help is nearby
Free technical assistance for all fume hoods, including but not limited to VAV, bio-safety, explosion proof, asbestos walled models.

All assistance is a simple phone call away.