AFA 500 BSC Fume Hood Alarm


The AFA500-BSC/MK2 model, with an included mounting box, is a surface mounted airflow monitor recommended for biological safety cabinets.


Key Features of the AFA 500 BSC Fume Hood Alarm for Biological Safety Cabinets

The TEL AFA 500 BSC complete retrofit kit is a perfect solution for facilities that need to add an airflow alarm to an existing cabinet in order to comply with NSF/ANSI Standard 49.

Since April 15, 2016, direct-connected Type A cabinets or canopy- connected Type A cabinets will not be eligible for NSF field certification without a functioning airflow alarm, regardless of a customer’s request. More information about the field certification of biosafety cabinets to NSF/ANSI Standard 49-2014 may be found by clicking here.

The TEL AFA 500 has all of the features of the conventional AFA 500. However, instead of the post-mounted SM6 airflow sensor normally used for TEL fume hood alarms, the AFA-500 BSC is connected to a velocity probe that is installed in the exhaust duct above the cabinet’s transition collar. It is delivered with a 3-by-3-inch galvanized steel square mounting plate.

For more information and specifications,  download the AFA 500 BSC brochure.

For information on the AFA 500 BSC installation and operation, click here for the user manual and installation guide.

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